7 Surprising Ways Salt can Cure Acne, Dryness & Dullness


Salt is brimming with naturally occurring minerals, particularly sodium and iodine, which play a detrimental role in boosting blood circulation, regenerating skin growth, and retaining moisture to fight off dryness.

Salt aids in normalizing the mineral body of the skin, and aids in eliminating multiple beauty woes, including dryness spells, irritation, inflammation, dullness and it brightens up the skin, especially in cold and dryer climates.

Just pick out some salt from your pantry and add it to your daily skin care regimen to boost moisture and skin hydration, and fortify your skin against acne breakouts, dryness spells and inflammation. From the very first use, salt will help you reverse the signs of aging, fight off acne and improve cellular activity.

7 Surprising Ways Salt Can Restore Your Skin and Body

Let’s take a look at 7 impressive ways salt can invigorate and heal your skin:

1. Eliminate Breakouts & Dryness

Salt has powerful skin balancing properties, and for a miraculous skin pampering mask, mix it up with some honey to treat acne breakouts, blackheads, dryness and irritation. Salt and honey are brimming with anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe the skin, along with aiding in balancing the oil concentration in your skin and holding in moisture within the deepest layers of your skin.

You simply have to mix two teaspoons of iodized salt with four generous teaspoons or organic honey to form a smooth paste that you can spread on your face like a mask. Be sure to wash your face and dry it off before applying this mask, and steer clear of the eye region. Allow it to work its magic for at least 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it off and washing your face with a lukewarm water.

After washing, spread a wet washcloth across your face for 1minute, and then rinse your skin again, all the while exfoliating your pores with gentle circular motions using your fingertips. For best results, add this beauty secret to your weekly skincare regime.


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