7 Best Vitamins for Hair, Skin and Nails


2. Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth
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According to a widely popular belief, consuming prenatal vitamins helps pregnant women grow thick, long and lustrous hair really quickly.

However, experts believe that this hair growth does not occur due to prenatal vitamins, but because of the pregnancy hormones that tend to boost hair growth.

Researchers have found absolutely no evidence to support the theory that prenatal vitamins effect the growth of our hair in any way or form, whether you’re pregnant or not. So, invest in prenatal vitamins only if you are expecting a baby, or trying to conceive one.

3. Keratin

Keratin Supplements for Nails
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Keratin is an essential structural protein that creates the outermost layer of our nails, hair and skin, and our body is capable of developing sufficient amounts of this protein on its own. However, you can always add keratin supplements to your diet to make your hair stronger and your skin more radiant.

However, there is lack of sufficient evidence to validate the benefits of these claims, in fact, experts believe that keratin tends to have a highly resistant effect to the digestive acids present within our stomach.

You see, even cats who lick their hair by the tongue to groom themselves end up digesting some hairballs, which their intestines can’t digest, causing them to vomit because of the keratin present within the fur. Therefore, consuming a keratin supplement can end up being extremely harmful rather than beneficial.



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