7 Best Vitamins for Hair, Skin and Nails


Nutritionists, marketers and healthcare companies are constantly urging us to invest in supplements that will help us grow healthier hair, nails and skins.

We are presented with powdered and pill-based supplements that claim to make our strands strong and lustrous, our nails long and brittle-free, and our complexion radiantly glowing and utterly flawless. Now, all these marketing efforts and health claims make us wonder, do these products truly work or are they an absolute waste of our money and time?

There are heaps and heaps of supplementing products that claim to provide a wide range of beauty benefits, and we constantly see celebrities and beauty bloggers recommending this biotin supplement or that collagen-supplement smoothie by sighting their own examples as proof to make us want to use these products and experience similar benefits.

The Truth about Skin, Hair, and Nail Supplements

Truth be told, the hype of supplement-related benefits is only limited to social media, because scientific researchers have found little evidence to actually validate the claims of popular beauty supplements. Most dermatologists strictly recommended healthy individuals to avoid consuming any kind of oral supplements because supplements, such as keratin, tend to cause more harm than good as they can disrupt our digestive organs and their functioning.

Here are 7 of the best supplements for your skin, hair and nails.
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So, does this mean that investing in any and every supplement will be a waste of our money? Perhaps, they are some supplements that can actually help us achieve all our beauty goals with minimum effort? In this article, we have evaluated and examined the benefits and drawbacks of most popular beauty supplements and pills, such as collagen, resveratrol, biotin, and collagen amongst others, to provide you with a holistic and truthful opinion.

Here’s everything you need to know about beauty supplements:

1. Biotin

Benefits of Biotin for Hair Growth
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Biotin, more commonly known as vitamin B7, is extremely vital as it aids the body in metabolizing proteins, which are essential for the development of healthy hair, nail and skin cells. Individuals who have a biotin deficiency end up experience excessively brittle nails, hair loss and skin conditions like eczema. If you are experiencing such problem, consult your doctor for a suitable biotin supplement to correct the symptoms.

However, if you are already consuming the daily recommended dosage of 30 mcg of biotin ach day, a recent research, a review of 18 different studies, recommends that adding up extra biotin won’t really give you any beauty benefits. Just focus on eating a mindful, healthy and well balanced diet and you can easily load up on all the biotin you need in a day.

You can consume more biotin-rich food based sources such as, spinach, salmon, eggs, sunflower seeds, pork chops, sunflower seeds, almonds, sweet potatoes, broccoli and even hamburgers.


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