7 Best Shag Haircuts With Bangs for Every Hair Length

In short, whatever style you adopt whether you have a short hair, a bob, a pixie or long hair, a shag haircut with bangs works on every length.

Another plus point is, its working on every type of texture. Whether you have frizzy, silky, wavy or straight hair.

6. Chole Grace Moretz

Chole Grace has silky straight strands with shaggy style.

By seeing her hairstyle, an image of 70’s-era Mick Jagger comes into the mind. But the subtle shaggy layers keep the cut modern.

Chloë Grace Moretz Wear a Shag Haircut
Credit: Getty Images

7. Alexa Chung

Alexa chang has a cool hairstyle by simple enhancing the wavy shaggy lob.

Moreover, center-parted bangs give her unerringly defined look. She also carries it in an awesome way.

Alexa Chung Wear a Shag Haircut
Credit: Getty Images


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