7 Best Foods To Stop Hair Loss


4. Spinach

Spinach is loaded with extraordinarily high levels of iron and heaps of vitamin to promote the absorption of iron. Moreover, it also provides a powerful dose of vitamin D2, which has been scientifically proven as an essential nutrient for hair growth. A study revealed that women suffering from severe or mild hair loss tend to have alarmingly low levels of vitamin D2 and iron.

Adding spinach, mushrooms and eggs to your salads, casseroles, soups and sandwiches is a splendid trick to brim up your body with high levels of vitamin D and fighting off the symptoms of hair loss.

5. Oysters

Oysters are brimming with an essential powerhouse mineral that works wonders at preventing and eliminating the symptoms of hair fall. A recent study attempted of analysing the zinc levels of 50 patients who were suffering hair loss because of alopecia areata with those of 50 healthy participants. The results revealed that the patients suffering from alopecia had alarmingly depleted levels of zinc.

Another researcher attempted to analyze the zinc and copper levels in a sample group of 312 male and female participants suffering from hair loss. Despite having different causes of hair loss, all the participants revealed to have extremely low zinc levels as opposed to the control groups.

Research validates the claim that devouring foods that are loaded with zinc, along with taking some beneficial zinc supplements can aid in preventing and eliminating hair loss in most cases, regardless of the cause. Oysters are indeed your richest source to consume heaps of zinc in every serving. You can also add more zinc to your diet with sunflower seeds, chickpeas, walnuts, wheat germ, eggs, oatmeal, spinach and green peas.


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