5 Tips for Waxing your Underarms (Armpits) at Home


Underarm shaving can be one of the nightmares for women, the problem arising that they have to do it ever so regularly and a screw up would be prominent. A salon appointment for this particular task is relatively expensive, costing around $50 an appointment. This article would deal with this issue in 5 simple steps that would make underarm shaving relatively easy and less of a nuisance.

Underarm Waxing Tips at Home

Underarm Waxing Tip #1

The first step is to know about the length of your hair, if it is long then you can trim it to 1/4 of an inch, what that would do is to make sure that the wax doesn’t stick in the hairs as once it gets stuck it is harder to come off and creates a mess. You can trim using tools such as scissors to the right size. If your hairs are shorter you have to wait for them to grow to the right length before you start waxing.

Underarm Waxing Tip #2

The Second tip is to keep your armpits clean and dry, it is essential because the wax may have a difficult time sticking to the oily skin. Same is the case with deodorants as they form a layer over the skin making it hard for the wax to form a bond with the skin.

Underarm Waxing Tip # 3

Make sure that your skin is pulled tight because the wax can get stuck in the folds of your skin and harder to get off. For this reason precisely you have to make sure that it is tight enough so that you just have to apply the wax and pull, you can do it yourself by pulling your hands above your head or can take the help of someone. Either way it would make the experience a lot easier.

Underarm Waxing Tip #4

Choose the brand and type of wax that suits you. Generally the people prefer cold wax as it is easier to apply and take off and is ready to use. In terms of hot wax you can easily apply more than you need which causes a problem while you try to take them off. The most preferred brand in the market is Parissa which comes in a pack of three, for the face, underarms and the Bikini. You can apply all the strips for the waxing of your underarms.

Underarm Waxing Tip #5

The last tip for better result is that you should prefer waxing little portions rather than your whole underarm at first. You need to go against the direction of the flow of hair growth for best possible results, however if your hairs are short and soft you may wax in any direction but it is preferred to go against it for smoother underarms.

The other things you need to take care of is the fact that it is going to hurt and may cause bleeding in some cases, although it solely depends on the type of your skin and not the way that you wax. You can take painkillers before the waxing process to make the pain a little less but it is not preferred all the time. The other thing is that although cold wax is easier to remove it can still get stuck, for that there is wax remover oil available in the market. If you still see hairs in your underarms you can take it out with the help of a pair of tweezers. Hoping that the tips provided would make waxing your underarms a little easier than before.


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