5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Love Taking Selfies Pics


There was no concept of selfies few years back and there is no such word in the dictionary. In the past, individuals only took the pictures of others but now they can also take their own picture. All this has been possible due to Smartphone and webcam. Professional photographers were hired by the people for taking their pictures on special events. But nowadays, people prefer taking selfies by using their smartphone and also share their pictures on social media websites.

Celebrities are more conscious for their public reputation. They also love to take their selfies. They prefer to capture their special moments and keeping their fans updated with the latest happenings in their life. In this way, fans can know about the routines and moods of their favorite celebrities. We can judge a lot of things from selfies. Now I am sharing the list of those Pakistani celebrities who love to take selfies.

Lollywood Actresses and Actors Selfie Pictures

Ayeza Khan

Ayeza Khan is known as selfies queen. Ayeza shares 1 or more selfies everyday as she is fond of taking selfies. She looks so beautiful in her selfies.

Mehwish Hayat

Selfies of Mehwish Hayat are acknowledged for her beauty. Anyone of you can know about her mood by seeing her selfies. Mehwish shares her selfies on social media along with its details such as the place where she took that selfie and her personal thoughts at that time. Her level of confidence is amazing that can be seen in her selfies. She likes to capture selfies either with slight or no makeup.

Agha Ali

Agha Ali is a rising Pakistani celebrity. He loves taking selfies on regular basis. If you look at the selfies of Agha, then you can know about his favorite colors. His most favorite color is black and you can easily see him in the same color dresses. Agha is also planning to enter the film industry. He regularly uploads his selfies on instagram and facebook.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is fond of taking selfies with her co-stars with whom she has done any shooting. Most of her selfies are taken on the set of drama serials. Each of her selfie has a smiley face.

Ahmed Butt

Ahmed Butt is named as selfies king for 2015. Ahmed has always captured amazing selfies and has also shared them on social media sites. Not just his selfie, Ahmed has also taken group selfies with his co-workers.


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