4 Easy Ways to Fix Your Cracked Heels at Home


3. Soften callouses the right way:

Sometimes we become too harsh in handling our heels. Every time we should not scrub the heels in harsh manner because it can split the skin even further. In aggression we use filer and rub but it is dangerous.

Always use filer with soft hands and do not file back and forth. Do not go too deep and treat only the outer layer. Just remove the top and dead outer layer. You can go for a pumice stone. Sutera says, “You may have temporary smoothing action from the foot filing, but you would not help the cracking underneath.”

When your heels are cracked then filing may be harmful in this case and you get temporary smoothing action. Firstly try to cover the cracked heels then go for filer.

4. Choose the right shoes:

For the cracked heels it is very necessary to choose the right shoes. It is better to wear shoes with proper backs. To some extent they cover heels and protect it from dirt and germs.

Sole is also considerable while choosing shoes and a thicker sole is good option. Because it keeps your foot a bit off the ground. On the other hand a thicker sole is shock absorption and arch support.


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