30 Most Daring Hairstyles of 2021


Celebrities are our greatest inspiration when it comes to experimenting with exciting hairdo and bold hair transformations that allow us to look and feel different. Each week, month and year, our favourite celebrities are constantly surprising us with a new statement comprising of mesmerizing hair colour transformations, sleek and style savvy haircuts, and lust-worthy hairdos.

Whatever the latest hair trends of the season, one can always trust celebrities and super models to show us how to flaunt the hottest haircuts of be season, be they short, blunt, long, or curly. And 2021 is a fabulous year to experiment with bold, sassy and dramatic hairdos for celebrities have flooded our Instagram feeds with countless red carpet statements that beg us to run down to our hair stylists and get that much-needed hair transformation.

While Shay Mitchell leads the pack with her charming slicked-back strands, Zoe Kravitz steals the show with an edgy pixie cut and Bella Hadid shows us how to rock a half-up-half-down statement with effortless charm. Needless to say, we are crushing hard on the contemporary and vintage inspired hair statements flaunted by these celebrities, and we’ve created an incredibly exciting round-up to share these inspirations with you.

Which hairstyle is the most attractive?

If you’re seeking a fabulously chic new hair statement to spice up your look and give 2021 an exciting new transformation, we’ve picked out all the hottest and boldest celebrity hair transformations you need to inspire yourself with.

Here, feast your eyes with the most popular celebrity hairstyles to flaunt in 2021:

1. Selena Gomez

Selena shows us how messy and loose waves with sharp bangs can transform one’s face with a soft, youthful femininity that is edgy and contemporary at the same time!

Selena Gomez Most Daring Hairstyle
Getty Images

2. Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid endorses an insanely chic hairdo inspiration for the laidback and low-key fashionistas with this half-up-half-down hairdo.

Bella Hadid Most Daring Hairstyle
Getty Images

3. Julianne Hough

Julianne decided to rock some vintage and timeless, ‘old Hollywood style glamour by giving her glossy and red strands some lustrous curls.

Julianne Hough Most Daring Hairstyle
Getty Images


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