30 Latest Mehndi Designs for Brides 2021


Henna is to redecorate the woman’s hand in the world’s most excellent thing. In culture, the wedding ceremony in Pakistan is the main element is the henna. Pakistan’s eye-catching mehndi design is just amazing, limited use henna pattern changes.

There are a extensive variety of henna prototypes, but the most frequent include vines and leaves style, with lovely flowers decoration using henna paste. This style to form unique, due to its every lady is concerned.

Design # 12

Trendy Henna Designs for Hands - Designs # MD-123
Image Credit: stylefigures.com

Design # 13

Latest Henna Styles for Hands - Designs # MD-124
Image Credit: stylefigures.com

Design # 14

Henna Styles for Hands - Designs # MD-125

Design # 15

New Henna Styles for Hands - Designs # MD-126


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