30 Latest Mehndi Designs for Brides 2021


Typically, most of the girls go for designs that are very narrowly drawn filling their entire palms and the backs of their hands as well. This might sound gross to some as well as many have an allergy to the smell of the henaa.

Amongst all these likes and dislikes, bridal mehndi has become a type of business from where the designers are earning considerably. This tradition is very old and it seems like is not ending anytime soon. The best part is that with every generation the designs are evolving and becoming more experimental.

Design # 4

Mehndi Design for Wedding Bride - Designs # MD-116
Image Credit: stylefigures.com

Design # 5

Latest Mehndi Design for Wedding Bride - Designs # MD-117
Image Credit: stylefigures.com

Design # 6

New Mehndi Design for Wedding Bride - Designs # MD-118
Image Credit: stylefigures.com

Design # 7

Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection - Designs # MD-119
Image Credit: stylefigures.com


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