30 Latest Mehndi Designs for Brides 2021


So how many of you enjoy having Hina decorated hands on your big day? Do you like those intricately designed prints which God knows how the designers do on your hands? If you are going to marry soon and you belong to a typical traditional house, you would be looking forward to getting your hands tinted in those reds and oranges with hina to make them look more beautiful on your important days.

The history and importance of henna designs:

For years, applying mehndi has been a part of the culture in subcontinent. Every year, hundreds of brides are looking for pretty designs and definitely skilled hina designers in the beauty parlors or in the markets. The struggle of getting the prettiest mehndi design for the bride, so that she stands out of the entire crowd, is real and tiring. The family especially the sisters and female cousins of the bride have to do this and get a booking on her behalf to make her day even more beautiful.

Types of mehndi designs you will come across:

Once you step in the market, there is a list of mehndi designs ranging from Arabic to Hindustani and what not. The time and effort it takes to choose from the designs and according to the wish of the bride is tough and very time-consuming.

Design # 1

New Mehndi Design for Brides - Designs # MD-113
Image Credit: stylefigures.com

Design # 2

Mehndi Design for Brides - Designs # MD-114
Image Credit: stylefigures.com

Design # 3

Latest Mehndi Design for Brides - Designs # MD-115
Image Credit: stylefigures.com


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