30 Celebrities with Depression, Anxiety, and Other Mental Health Issues


21. Carrie Fisher

In 2016, the iconic Carrie Fisher wrote an advice column for The Guardian that talked about the emotional turmoil of bipolar disorder. Here is a powerful excerpt from her column,

“We have been given a challenging illness, and there is no other option than to meet those challenges. Think of it as an opportunity to be heroic – not ‘I survived living in Mosul during an attack’ heroic, but an emotional survival. An opportunity to be a good example to others who might share our disorder. That’s why it’s important to find a community – however small – of other bipolar people to share experiences and find comfort in the similarities.

Celebrity Carrie Fisher Health Issues
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22. Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm emphasised the need for medical attention in an interview with InStyle in 2017,

“Medical attention is medical attention whether it’s for your elbow or for your teeth or for your brain. And it’s important. We live in a world where to admit anything negative about yourself is seen as a weakness, when it’s actually a strength. It’s not a weak move to say, ‘I need help.’ In the long run it’s way better, because you have to fix it.”

Celebrity Jon Hamm Health Issues
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23. Kesha

In 2017, Kesha penned down a powerful essay for Time to address mental health struggles. She wrote,

“When you have a routine, it’s easier to manage whatever mental struggles you may be faced with, and when that routine is broken, it can trigger things you may not be ready to face. I know it has for me.”

Celebrity Kesha Health Issues
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24. Sarah Silverman

In 2015, the talented comedian highlighted the plight of those suffering with mental health ailments and panic attacks during an interview with Glamour. Sarah is reported to have said,

“People use ‘panic attack’ very casually out here in Los Angeles, but I don’t think most of them really know what it is. Every breath is laboured. You are dying. You are going to die. It’s terrifying. And then when the attack is over, the depression is still there.”

Celebrity Sarah Silverman Health Issues
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25. Chris Evans

In 2016, the Captain America actor shared his struggles with anxiety while residing in Hollywood in an interview with the Rolling Stone. He shared,

“I don’t knock L.A. But L.A. is where I come to work, where I have meetings and, unfortunately, where I feel moments of anxiety. Sometimes L.A. is great. And sometimes you just drive down Sunset like, ‘Ugh. Fuckin’ Hollywood.'”

Celebrity Chris Evans Health Issues
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