3 Simple Tricks to Look Younger with Makeup


3. Brows

You can make your brows look sharp with a simple brown pencil that is one shade lighter than the natural colour of your brow hair, particularly if you are a brunette. Now, we don’t want the brows to appear overly harsh, therefore, the trick is to apply the pencil with restraint.

If you are a blonde, it is highly advisable to pick out a brow pencil that is two shades darker than your colour. If you are a redhead, it is best to pick out an auburn pencil that matches your hair colour flawlessly.

Now, you have to focus on using the pencil to fill out any empty and sparse areas with gentle and short strokes. You need to mimic the flow of your brown hair to make it look natural. It’s always best to use a clear brow gel to make sure everything is nicely in place.

We recommend you to try the Jane Iredale PureBrow Brow Gel, and the extremely famous, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz Mechanical Pencil, which can be shopped in 10 iconic shades.

So, do you think these three insanely easy and simple makeup tricks are worth a try? We must admit, they are a much more natural and acceptable technique than all those awful fillers, chemical peels, and cosmetic age-reversing treatments.


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