3 Simple Tricks to Look Younger with Makeup


2. Lips

Pronounce and emphasize your lips by using a lip liner to add definition and make your pout appear much fuller.

It is highly advisable to pick out a lip liner that is closer in shade to your natural colour, and apply it slightly above your lip line on the top lip, and slightly beneath the lip line on your bottom lip. Now, gently use your fingers to smudge up this liner, and make it look natural and not too flawlessly perfect.

Then, use this lip liner to fill up your lips with colour, and then coat your lips with a glossy nude lipstick or gloss. If you want to give your lips a velvety texture that doesn’t dry off quickly, we recommend you to try the Charlotte Tilbury Re-Size & Re-Shape Lip Liner.

And if you want to give your lips sheer-to-average gloss coverage and sheer finish, get the Bareminerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss, which can be shopped in a wide range of nude colours that complement all skin tones.


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