20 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Injections


16. Focus on obtaining Natural Results

If you’re showing your doctor Angelina Jolie’s plumped lips amongst other inspiration photos, hoping to obtain similar results, keep in mind that ultimately, you don’t want to live with unnatural-looking lips. So, sit down with your doctor and consult the expert on a look that will work best with your facial features. Also, keep in mind that the size of your lips with not increase instant, but the most natural increase will take time to emerge on your face.

Focus on obtaining Natural Results

17. An Explanation for the Awful Lumps of Skin

Many women who get lip injections complain of temporary lumps and bumps that emerge on the surface of their lips. These are a temporary mistake and they go away naturally, while in some rare cases, they need to be corrected. These lumps mainly occur when the filler is added extremely near the surface of the lips.

18. History of Cold Sores?

If you have an extensive history of cold sores, beware that these injections can lead to the onset of a severe cold sore. So, be sure to take some preventive medication at least two days prior to the treatment so you can avoid the illness.

19. What happens if you stop getting the injections?

In case you make a decision to stop getting lip injections, the lips are likely to return to their original shape. Most people believe that when you stop getting lip injections, the lips are likely to turn into saggy bags or shapeless skin riddled with wrinkles. That is not true at all, however, it is likely that the HA that has been infused into your lips will trigger more production of HA, causing your lips to naturally maintain the effects of your last injection and retain the large shape of your lips.

20. Understand the Risks

Even though lip injections are a procedure that you squeeze into your lunchtime break, you still need to understand that since the treatment of lip injections is an invasive procedure, it does not come without serious risks. You need to consider various risk factors and side-effects, primarily vascular occlusion, before you take the final leap of faith on undergoing this procedure.


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