20 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Injections


11. Don’t take too Many Risks

Instead of changing the entire shape of your lips, start small by picking out one area of the lips that you feel needs to be focused on urgently. You can always work on both lips at once, but it is advisable to focus on the bottom lip or the middle area of the upper lip. You can plump the lips from the area that you and your professional consultant feel is the best target area to enhance your features.

12. Consult a Professional

Be sure to consult a professional to undergo a lip injection procedure, for instance a plastic surgeon, a nurse practitioner, a cosmetologist or a dermatologist. You really want to make sure you have hired a highly experienced and well qualified expert who truly understands the procedure and will not cause permanent damage to your lips.

13. No Blood Thinners

Keep in mind that you must stop consuming painkillers, vitamin E-enriched products and fish oil, all of which cause the blood to thin, at least ten days before undergoing the procedure. You see, if your blood is thinner, it will trigger much more bruising and bleeding.

14. Subtle Bruising is Normal

It is normal to experience bleeding and bruising where the injection has been inserted, however, rest assured that the bruises will disappear within a week. You can also ask the doctor to dissolve a blood clot with a laser if you feel that is extremely necessary.

15. Invest in Arnica

The topical or oral use of Arnica is widely recommended to lower down the inflammation and bruising that notoriously occurs after the filler has been administered. It aids in boosting the healing process and post-filler recovery. However, patients who are experiencing blood clots or consume blood thinning medications should strictly avoid obtaining Arnica in the oral form.


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