20 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Injections


6. Real Lips No More

If the filler is administered accurately, your post-injection lips will no longer feel real and natural, not even while kissing.

7. Effortless Procedure

The procedure begins with a subtle needle-like sensation, and then, when the filler is being injected into your lips, it might sting a little bit. Then, the professional will give your lips a little massage, followed by 10 minutes of icing. After that, you are free to continue your normal routine.

8. Choose your own Numbing Process

You can consult your doctor on the process of having your lips numbed, which can be done with either a topical anesthetic, or even blocking a dental nerve. The professional can numb your lips by administering an injection into the gums, much like the dentist does before the procedure, or you can chose a numbing cream.

9. No Downtime

A filler is an easy process that comes with now downtown. The procedure won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time, and the numbness will disappear after 15 minutes. You can quickly resume your normal routine right after the procedure, however, avoid attending important occasions, such as weddings or parties for the next three to four days in case you experience bruising.

10. No Exercise

On the day of the procedure, exercising and all activities that can boost the blood flow to your face must be strictly avoided much like you after getting a facial.


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