15 Simple Weight Loss Strategies That Work


13. Dump extra calories from your kitchen

For a fresh start of the week, take a few minutes to eliminate all the extra remaining food from your kitchen. Without even realizing, you are eating that food, which provides extra calories. Unhealthy snacks can accumulate in your home like lint on a black sweater.

Try not to get doggie bags from restaurants unless you have a dog. Make this your habit and eventually, all extra calories will be eliminated from your kitchen. If you don’t want to throw your favorite dish, make small portions of it and freeze it.

Dump Extra Calories from your Kitchen for Weight Loss
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14. Physical activity

Try to manage your time and go for a walk at least 30 mints every day. A brisk walk will burn the calories and also lift your mood.

A daily walk and work out gives you energy and start burning your accumulated calories.

Physical Activity for Weight Loss
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15. Follow inspirational pages on social media

Social media could be filling you out for instance, by sharing food pictures and recipes. If they are triggering your hunger pangs by showing the video of hot lava cake or some cheeseburger. Experts suggest you unfollow their posts and make space for yourself.

Try to follow some inspirational pages which give you positive energy. Follow pages like @mealprepdaily, @guygourmet, @wickedhealthy, @besmarteatsmart.

Follow Inspirational Pages on Social Media for Weight Loss
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