15 Simple Weight Loss Strategies That Work


3. Tweak your grocery list

Director of the University of Washington, Center for Public Health Nutrition, Adam Drewnowski, Ph.D., says, “We generally believe that healthy eating costs a lot, which is not true”. Research shows that it takes only $1.56 per day and $10.92 per week if we eat healthy i.e. fruits, nuts, vegetables, and fish.

Try to add more organic food in your grocery list than refined ones. According to Drewnowski, this is known as economic intervention, which is sensible spending of $1.56 per day on healthy foods instead of eating refined, unhealthy, inorganic food.

Tweak your Grocery List for Weight Loss
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4. Eliminate one junk food each month

The reason for diet failure is we suddenly change our eating habits too much from our routine. These sudden changing lead to exhaustion even less than a week.

“Try to eliminate unhealthy sacks one by one. Always start eliminating from sugary beverages that have no nutritious value and add only unnecessary calories,” says Dr. Hassink.

After remain consistent for 1 month eliminates other unhealthy food from your life one by one, month by month. by doing this you will never get exhausted and your surroundings will be clean and healthy.

Eliminate one junk food each month for Weight Loss
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5. When traveling, make good decisions

While traveling, try to get a room in the center of the town so that you can walk around easily, instead of getting a cab. It will help you to burn your extra calories and it is economically in your favor.

According to Dr. Hassink, “Every decision you make about your activity and eating is your health decision”.  Do not take your activity and nutrition as sideline things.  Consider your activities as health building or health losing activities.

When Traveling, Make Good Decision for Weight Loss
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