15 Genius Makeup Tricks to Save Your Money & Time


9. How to Disinfect Lipstick

Did your lip stick fall accidentally? And did it get all mucky and dirty. No worries. Just scrape the infected layer off with a knife. Dip the lipstick into alcohol.

Place the lip stick in the freezer for 24 hours. Take out and let it dry. Hurrah! It is disinfected.

How to Disinfect Lipstick
Credit: instructables

10. How to Make Your Lash Curls Last Longer

Want your eye lash curls to last longer. Here’s a tip, blow dry your eye lash curler until it heats up and then curl your lashes to get the amazing effect!

How to Make Your Lash Curls Last Longer
Credit: fashionspot

11. Homemade Brush Cleaner

Make your own homemade brush cleaner. Mix olive oil and baby wash or dish soap. Dip your brush thoroughly into this mixture.

Wash the brush with water in detail and squirt out excess water. Your cleaning prop is ready

Homemade Brush Cleaner
Credit: prettygossip


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