15 Genius Makeup Tricks to Save Your Money & Time


3. Contour Brush with Bobby Pin

Now, you can create your own dual purpose make up brush. Insert a bobby pin in cross ways direction into a brush. Eureka! Now you have your own contour brush.

This method is an easy alternative as makeup brushes are quite costly and rushing to cosmetic stores is quite a bit of work in daily routine.

Contour Brush with Bobby Pin
Credit: chasingfoxes

4. Find the Matching Foundation

You should test your foundation on your neck, not your arm in order to find a correct match for your skin and take pictures with flashlight.

So, you see clearly which shade camouflages with your skin.

Find the Matching Foundation
Credit: buzzfeed

5. How to Get Perfect Crease

Women mostly apply eye shadow with their head up straight. The best way is to tilt your head backwards while applying eye shadow.

So a greater surface of your eyelid comes into contact with eye shadow, and your makeup looks more appealing.

How to Get Perfect Crease
Credit: blushingbasics


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