15 Genius Makeup Tricks to Save Your Money & Time


A woman or a girl never goes out without a make do. But these days, makeup kits have become quite expensive. Adding on, companies are unable to produce efficient make up tools that are multi-purpose. Many products are not guaranteed and often customers complain that their eye shadows or lip stick finish off quicker than expected.

But you don’t need to worry because here’s a list that will customize your make up kit for all purposes. Moreover, there are many tricks to make the best use of your makeup.

15 Genius Makeup Tricks to Save Your Day

15 Genius Makeup Tricks to Save Your Day

We have picked out some easy and genius makeup tricks that will solve all your problems. Here, take a look.

1. Get Instant Smokey Eyes

Make a hash tag symbol on the corner of your eyelid and then just blend it carefully.

Get Instant Smokey Eyes
Credit: cosmopolitan

2. Prevent Mascara from Drying Out

Usually mascaras don’t last quite long. It could be because of low quality or early expiration dates.

But, here is a hack for all the ladies, just add eye drops to your mascara and extend its life.

Prevent Mascara from Drying Out
Credit: thefashionspot


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