15 Easy Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas You Should Try


3. Perfectly Snatched

Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton rose to fame with his stylishly snatched ponytails, and he recommends us all to make this hairdo using bungee elastics that will make your ponytail is well positioned and doesn’t slip out of place.

Besides, if you have voluminous and long hair, a regular elastic hair tie will not help much in creating the snatched statement.

Ariana Grande Perfectly Snatched Ponytail Hairstyle

4. Long & Low

If you want a long and low, sleek ponytail, you’re going to have to add some extensions to your natural hair in order to give it a voluminously long effect.

Here’s another amazing trick from celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton: use clip-in extensions and attach them to the base of your head in small and sleek layers. This trick will make the extensions give off a natural look and don’t peek out from the ponytail as you pull back your strands.

Kylie Jenner Long & Low Ponytail Hairstyle

5. Pineapple Curls

The ultimate effortless styling trick for curly haired goddesses, the pineapple curls ponytail is the perfectly quirky statement for springy curls.

The idea is to use a scrunchie or a claw clip to loosely pile up your curls on the top of your scalp, and pull down the curls towards your face so they are free to fall around your forehead and face.

Rihanna Pineapple Curls Ponytail Hairstyle

6. Bold & Braided

Here’s a badass braided ponytail statement that is bound to make heads turn: all it takes is a knotted base ponytail that is braided from the middle and tied towards the end.

Serayah Bold & Braided Ponytail Hairstyle


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