15 Celebrities Whose Hidden Musical Talents Will Surprise You


4. Ryan Gosling

The last couple of years host been Ryan Gosling’s turning out party, yet some long-term his fans realize that acting isn’t the main thing this Hollywood hunk can do. Gosling likewise performs in the creepy idea band Dead Man’s Bones. If you like his singing scenes in Blue Valentine or in case you’re searching for the ideal Halloween soundtrack, must consider Dead Man’s Bones.

Ryan Gosling Hidden Musical Talent
Credit Image: Noel Vasquez/Getty

5. Bruce Willis

The Return of Bruno is the collection of Bruce Willis. This album was released by Motown in 1987; this collection is a mixed assembling of R&B music sung by Willis, with support performers including Booker T. Jones, The Pointer Sisters, and The Temptations.

Bruce Willis Hidden Musical Talent
Credit Image: Debra L Rothenberg/Getty

6. Nicole Richie

Growing up with unbelievable musician father Lionel Richie, Nicole got a few abilities. She learned piano, cello, guitar, and violin in her childhood.

Nicole Richie Hidden Musical Talent
Credit Image: Michael Kovac/Getty

7. Russell Crowe

Notwithstanding his melodic job in Les Miserable (2012), Crowe has been sharpening his specialty. The acclaimed artist sings and plays guitar for Australian musical band, 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, which is presently called Russell Crowe and the Ordinary Fear of God.

Russell Crowe Hidden Musical Talent
Credit Image: John Stanton/Wire Image


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