15 Celebrities Whose Hidden Musical Talents Will Surprise You


Channing Tatum is a versatile guy or we can say he is “All-rounder”. We realized that he was very talented; however his drive for consistent improvement is truly motivating. The actor recently made his account on Instagram, however, we must say, he’s as of now pretty on the pointer, pitch? Out of appreciation for Tatum’s responsibility to brilliance in an assortment of performing arts (he’s the male J.Lo), we’ve searched different on-screen artists who’ve demonstrated themselves to be musically inclined. Some of them have even put out collections!

These dynamic actors have an expansive handle on media and we trust they choose to carry their melodic gifts to the silver screen. We’re thinking a Crossroads remake featuring, Ryan Gosling and Halle Berry..? It is going to be a blockbuster gold and you know it.

15 Celebrities Whose Hidden Musical Talents Will Surprise You

The list of actors with their melodic gifts is featured below:

1. Hugh Laurie

This 51-year-old actor once called himself “frustrated musician”. He released his CD Let Them Talk on May 2011 and played an extraordinary show in New Orleans to review the blues collection, has been music lover since he was a kid.

Hugh Laurie Hidden Musical Talent
Credit Image: Sebastian Patter/Redferns/Getty

2. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has had a passion for music particularly western and jazz all his life. He is a very great jazz pianist. If you don’t believe me, listen for yourself!

Clint Eastwood Hidden Musical Talent
Credit Image: Richard Cordery/Ny Daily/Getty

3. Julia Roberts

This pretty woman is an American actress, singer, and producer. In high school, this beautiful lady played both clarinet and oboe.

Julia Roberts Hidden Musical Talent
Credit Image: Donato Sardella/Getty


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