15 Best Mermaid Inspired Makeup Looks


12. Pearls and shells

The pearl and shell makeup is certainly one of the ways to disguise yourself like a mermaid. But it requires detail.

Envelope one half of your face with dark blue color. Attach extension on your eyelids and put white eye shadow on half on your eye shadow and dark blue on the other half. Pearl your eye brows and the part of the face with dark blue makeup. Now attach some dark blue painted shells on this half of your face.

Wear a pearl necklace to finish this makeup.

Pearls and shells Makeup Look
Credit: Pinterest

13. Sea Wave Eye Make Up

In just four easy steps be a part of this ocean inspired art. Make a little black loop from the corner of your eye with mascara like a sea wave. Outline this wave with light blue eye shadow. Put orange shade on the corner of your eye.

Sea Wave Eye Make Up
Credit: Pinterest

14. Purple Mermaid Eye

Put purple crystals on your eyebrow. Make two thick purple loops from the lower eyelid outlined by black mascara. Now put little purple beads on this loop. Put Sea green eye shadow on the upper eyelid merged with a little purple colour. Now you perfectly look like a purple mermaid.

Purple Mermaid Eye Makeup Look
Credit: GlitterGirlc

15. Pearl Mermaid Lips

Put Light blue lip stick on your lips with full detail. Such that your lips are perfectly enveloped with light blue color. Sparkle your lips with golden glitter. Attach pearls, gold and silver oysters and shells of a small size.

Now your lips exactly look like mermaid.

Pearl Mermaid Lips
Credit: Brit.co


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