15 Best Mermaid Inspired Makeup Looks


8. Everyday Mermaid

Is it difficult for you to be a mermaid at formal places? But here’s a hack for you to be a mermaid under disguise. Just apply berry lip color along with dark green shadow brushed perfectly on your eyelids.

Wear a flower crown with artificial blue roses. Now you can roam around tension free with fashion.

Everyday Mermaid Makeup Look
Credit: Pinterest

9. Wave Lip Art

The ombre lip art perfectly signifies the ocean. Just put dark blue water color on half of your lip with a little merge of light blue water colour lip stick and finish off with a white outline on the extreme end.

Wave Lip Art Makeup Look
Credit: Dailymail

10. Scales Make up

Do you really want to have scales like that of a mermaid. All you need is a pair of fishnet stockings. Scales of different colors can easily be created in this method. Put red blush on your cheeks and press the fish net stocking on your face. Then using a brush put different shades on your forehead and repeat the same process.

Lastly put blue under your eyelid. Put pink lipstick and you are finished.

Scales Make up
Credit: Instagram

11. Glitter Mermaid

Surround the upper half of your face with lilac and light blue and put a little purple shade beneath your eyelid. Sparkle your eyes with glitter and put a starfish to give the effect along with some pearls.

Glitter Mermaid Makeup Look
Credit: Instagram


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