15 Best Mermaid Inspired Makeup Looks


4. The Editorial Mermaid

Equip your eyes with wild fiery oceanic makeup. Just mix different shades of purple on the exterior and interior of your eye and also your eyebrow.

Lastly put light blue eye shadow on the extreme corner of your eye. The part from where the tears come down. Congratulation you are done.

The Editorial Mermaid
Credit: Instagram

5. Contour and Color Play

Don’t underestimate the strength of contour brushing. Because this ultimate thing can change your face from human to mermaid. Crystallize the half of both eyelids with turquoise glitter and the remaining half with golden crystals. Now apply light pink lipstick and shower your lips with dark blue glitter.

Contour and Color Play Makeup Look
Credit: Instagram

6. Turquoise Dream

Want to be a proper mermaid. A mermaid completely inspired by the ocean. No worries just dye your hair turquoise completely. Then shade your eyebrows turquoise.

Adding on blend the makeup with light pink on the upper eyelid and then put turquoise on the lower eyelid. Put creamy pink lipstick and become a mermaid.

Turquoise Dream
Credit: Instagram

7. Mermaid Glow

Imprint your face with real mermaid scales by applying light blue shade along with slight orange on one half of the face and a little blue on the region below the neck.

Mermaid Glow Makeup Look
Credit: Instagram


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