15 Best Mermaid Inspired Makeup Looks


Mermaid makeup is spreading out like a wildfire! Add in some aquatic themes, shiny scales and an exquisite glow. Now you are set to go.

Peek down below to have a look at the most amazing makeup techniques.

1. Wet Look Eye Makeup

Turquoise colored eye! You look like a real mermaid. A mixture of the different hues of blue and green for an outstanding look. One can obtain this eye easily but by carefully putting a light blue shade on the exterior of the eye and some eye shadow that blends in with this shade.

Wet Look Eye Makeup
Credit: Pinterest

2. Glitter Mermaid Lips

Be vocal! Like a mermaid just put dark purple lipstick and glitter your lips with blue and green sparkles carefully with a brush. Eureka! You look like a mermaid. No other lipstick will be the perfect blend for this glitter so remember to choose this specific shade of lipstick.

Glitter Mermaid Lips
Credit: Pinterest

3. The Little Mermaid Make Up

Everybody knows Ariel the famous little mermaid. All girls want to look like Ariel but everyone is unaware about the proper makeup technique.

Line your eyebrow with a orange shade make your eye brown appear thick with the orange shade. Put sea blue eye shadow on your upper eyelid and put some glitter on it. Then line your lower eye lid with a purple eye shadow. You just need Ariel’s dress and you will look just look like a human version of Ariel.

The Little Mermaid Make Up
Credit: Clevver.com


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