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14 Celebrities With Big Lips — Stars Who Fueled Injection Rumors

Selena Gomez sometimes looked like she has done something to her lips or mouth but she never made a statement about it, though her lips sometimes look bigger and sometimes not.

Selena Gomez Plump Pout

Jessica Simpson is known as the queen of duck face and her lips are always centre of attention but nobody knows if she has done any surgeries or makeup liner do this magic for her.

Jessica Simpson Plump Pout

Farrah Abraham also never revealed anything about her lips of face surgery but there surely is a change on her face that includes her lips as well.

Farrah Abraham Plump Pout

Lindsay Lohan also never talked about any fillers or lip liner thing but her lips look puffier in her appearances she made in 2017.

Lindsay Lohan Plump Pout

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