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14 Celebrities With Big Lips — Stars Who Fueled Injection Rumors

After Kylie, it’s her big sister Kendall Jenner is the one, who has also gotten people to talk about her big lips and notable pout.

As we all know that Kardashians likes to be in limelight with whatever stuff they do but Kendall in one of the minimalist among all sisters but still people couldn’t help but notice the change in her lips in recent few events. Same like Kylie, she also said that it was due to her makeup style but it also appeared more than makeup thingy.

Kendall Jenner Plump Pout

Khloe and Kim Kardashian also sported bigger lips and plump pouts for some time.

Khloe Kardashian Plump Pout
Kim Kardashian Plump Pout

Most recent celebrity, who suddenly appeared with plump pout is Gwen Stefani. Her fans are still wondering that if she has done some filler treatment or this is something like makeup and stuff. Though, Gwen has not commented anything about her sudden bigger pout.

Gwen Sefani Plump Pout

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