13 Super Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf


6. Cozy Neck Wrap

This is genuinely associated with the winters to keep you safe and look stylish. This is as simple as complex it looks to be.

Just take a scarf and loop around your neck twice. End are tied in half knots and then pleated up under the scarf.

Cozy Neck Wrap Scarf
Credit Image: helloglow

7. Neck Wrap

As the name indicates it is so simple to wrap your neck. The best thing is you can look cool in a short time. Wrap a long scarf around your neck.

Take long ends and make a half knot near your neck. Pull the scarf down from the neck loop a half knot.

Neck Wrap Scarf
Credit Image: helloglow

8. Knotted Shawl

This style is a little uncommon and advanced form of a wrap.

All you need to do is simply place the scarf over your shoulders just like you wrap a shawl around normally.

Take the ends of the scarf, make a half knot on the backside. Tighten up the ends of the scarf and high them up on the back. Cover the ends by pulling it down when you are adjusting it finally.

Knotted Shawl Scarf
Credit Image: helloglow


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