13 Super Stylish Ways to Tie a Scarf


As gusty winds blow, it is challenging for us to adjust. The simplest way to protect from the fluctuating temperatures is to wear a scarf. They do not only make you feel warm-keeping away from the wind entering the body but also make you look so stylish boosting up the beauty. You are not being judged by the scarves and the best thing is they can stick around.

They are present in different stuff as per your likeliness and climatic conditions (cotton, linen, woolen, etc.). There are one of the best things to be gifted around the world.


But how to tie a scarf the way you like to be looked stylish? There are thirteen different ways mentioned to tie a scarf:

1. French Knot

The French knot way of tying a scarf is the best one. You can wear them when you are upping your games and for showing up the fashion.

The way to tie a French knot scarf is to fold it in half putting it around the shoulders. Pull the loose end piece of the scarf over it and bring it under the scarf loop. Now, take the end of the second end and wrap it under and over the same loop. Adjust it properly to make it look a bit prettier and comfortable.

French Knot Scarf
Credit Image: helloglow

2. Knotted Necklace

This knotted necklace scarf-wearing the easiest and the classical way while still looked polished. This is the super cute way and is also a replacement to the statement necklace.

For its wrapping, bring it back to your neck. Wrap its one end around your hand while pulling it through for making a loose knot. Now hand on the other scarf end and knot it on the side. Go under the knot loop and its done.

Knotted Necklace Scarf
Credit Image: helloglow


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