13 Best Liquid Eyeliners Even Beginners Can Handle


11. Givenchy Beauty Liner Vinyl in Rosy Black

This fabulous beauty bargain by Givenchy is the perfect pick for women who seek luxury and a little extravagance. It comes with an ultra-fine brush that glides perfectly across the eyes.

The thick blue liner comes with an intriguing purple undertone, and the shimmering effect plays up glamorous under the light. At the price of $33, it is an indulgence that you will always cherish.

Givenchy Beauty Liner Vinyl in Rosy Black

12. Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner

This is the perfect investment for the ladies who like to pronounce their eyes with a dramatically thi

ck line. It comes with a price tag of $18, an investment that is totally worth your while for this formula is not only infused with algae extract, but also, it is smudge-proof and long lasting. The thick pen will give your eyes bold and dramatic lines.

Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner

13. E.L.F Percision Eyeliner Black

At the amazingly affordable cost of $3, this is hands down your best bargain when it comes to a strong formula that gives your eyes a sleek, thick and dramatic statement. It comes with an ultra-thin brush tip, which is just what a girl needs to give her eyes that fabulously long and sharp wing!

E.L.F Percision Eyeliner Black


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