13 Best Liquid Eyeliners Even Beginners Can Handle


Many women find it extremely challenging to create the perfect cat-eye statement, or create a seamless dot between the lashes for that matter. Moreover, when it comes to picking out the perfect eye liner, we all have our own preferences and challenges.

Some women want to move away from pencil eye liners and explore the thick finish of liquid liners, while others seek a formula that is precise, comes with a flexible applicator or makes the cat-eye statement effortlessly perfect. If you’re looking for a luxurious new statement liquid eyeliner, we’re going to walk you down your best options.

Best Liquid Eyeliners

We’ve created an exciting round-up of the best liquid eyeliners that are perfect for beginners who want to effortlessly create opaque, crisp and sharp eye makeup looks.

Here, take a look:

1. NARS Eyeliner Stylo

At $28, this is the ultimate beauty bargain for those who have never used a liquid liner and need a stiff liner tip that gives them complete control over the application. It is hard to adore the remarkable packaging of this liner, and the diameter of the design is ideal for newbies. If you’ve always used a pencil liner, this fabulous product by NARS will allow you to explore new dimensions of playing up your eyes with glamour.

2. Lottie London Stamp Liner Duo Wing Edition

If you simply cannot compromise on symmetry, this super-powered liner from Lottie London is indeed the answer to all your eye makeup qualms. It comes with a range of exciting features despite the affordable price tag of $7.49. Most notable is its two-sided tip, one end features a triangular stamp while the other is a usual felt-tip liquid eye liner.

The triangular stamp is perfect to play up the outer eye corners by angling the stamp at the trail of your brow, and with a simple press on both sides of the eye, you can create a perfectly symmetrical wing without any effort. Then, you simply have to flip the side and create a sleek line across the lashes. It will make sure both eyes are seamless and proportionate.

Lottie London Stamp Liner Duo Wing Edition


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