10 Famous Models Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup


9. Cara Delevigne

Renowned British supermodel and actress known for her dramatically sexy hair and beauty transformations, Cara Delevingne has expressed her tomboy fashion instincts without holding back.

Cara has always stunned us with her ability to change her appearance, much like a chameleon, and her fans with especially blown away with her avatar in the enthralling sci-fi release, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Cara doesn’t feel ashamed from going makeup-free in front of the paparazzi, and we find her own social media feed and her paparazzi-shots all too relatable.

Cara Delevigne Unrecognizable without Makeup
Credit Image: Instagram

10. Bar Rafaeli

Bar Rafaeli, the gorgeous and Israeli actress who rose to fame in the US after dating Leonardo DiCaprio, is always in the news for her high-grossing movies, charitable causes to protect the environment, and of course, her stunning beauty transformations. Rafaeli is a highly successful international mode, and in 2013, Forbes voted her as the highest paid model in Israel.

A supermom and supermodel, Bar Rafaeli likes to take it easy on herself and go make-up free, especially when she is spending time with her family at home. The talented actress adores getting facials, and she highly recommends solid gold variety, advocating its benefits from her Instagram profile.

Bar Rafaeli Unrecognizable without Makeup
Credit Image: Instagram

It appears that her most trusted beauty regime involves pure gold lathered all over her face, which is not exactly a remedy we can all access. However, that dewy and radiant glow with subtle freckles is more endearing and achievable for everyone.


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