10 Famous Models Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup


5. Irina Shayk

The stunning Russian Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, Irina Shayk, is a huge advocate of makeup-free. She doesn’t hesitate from going makeup-free in front of the paparazzi on her off-duty days, and she has always flaunted her skin free from all foundations, eye makeup and even lipstick. After making a career on looking glossy and flawlessly gorgeous, the Russian beauty does not feel the need to keep up pretenses while running around town doing her chores, or hanging out with her friends.

Irina has a gorgeous natural radiance and a charming glow that makes sure her face is always naturally camera-ready. In an exclusive interview with W magazine, Irina was once asked about the reason behind her camera-ready radiance, she shared an easy hack: rubbing an ice cube all over her face for a “natural lift”.

Shayk also advises women to avoid exposure to the harmful rays of the sun as much as they can, along with using a higher SPF sunscreen to protect their neck, hands and face from premature aging.

Irina Shayk Unrecognizable without Makeup
Credit Image: Instagram

6. Adriana Lima

Gorgeous Brazilian supermodel-supermom Adriana Lima, stunned her fans and encouraged billions of working mom by strutting down the Victoria’s Secret runways with a drop dead sexy body just two months after giving birth to her baby girl, Sienna.

Sharing her struggle with weight loss on social media, Adriana admitted the hardships of getting her curves back, and shared her tough and demanding workouts to maintain a Victoria’s Secret Angel-worthy figure.

Adriana Lima Unrecognizable without Makeup
Credit Image: Instagram

The Brazilian supermodel is always vocal about the diet and exercise regime she maintains for her skin, and body. However, after suffering an illness, Adriana decided to address some “real” issues through her Instagram account.”

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Sharing the struggles of a hardworking mom struggling through a massive headache, non-stop coughing and a bad cold, Adriana explained that the only thing that keeps her going is the thought of returning to her loving family.


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