10 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans


#6. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba met the love of her life and future husband, Cash Warren, while filming for Fantastic Four back in 2005. Cash was a production assistant on the set, and he was a long-time fan of Jessica’s beauty and her talent, before their face-to-face encounter, he was naturally awe struck by the movie star.

However, when they met, the two realized how much they had in common and they hit if off instantly. Years, later, Jessica admitted that they shared an instant chemistry that was evident from the very first moment, and led to seven years of marital bliss.

The couple is still enjoying their happily ever after with a lovely family of two kids.

#5. Anne Hathaway

2008 was a horrible and a wonderful year for Anne Hathaway. Horrible because she was arrested on charges of money laundering with her then boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri. After escaping that terrible situation, Anne decided to steer clear of men, and her fans had put aside all dreams of seeing the beautiful starlet forging another relationship any time soon.

Clearly, cupid had a great deal of excitement in store for Anne, and in a matter of time, she met Adam Shulman, the man who was to be her future husband. Adam was a die-hard fan of the talented actress, and he enlisted the help of some mutual friends to get a chance to meet her. Upon talking, they realized how much they had in common, and after enjoying a fast courtship, the two decided to tie the knot in 2012.


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