10 Celebrities Who Married Their Fans


Like every single human being on this planet, celebrities and actors also experience the romantic notions of love at first sight and whirlwind romance. Regardless of how famous they are and how much we adore them, they are still capable of falling in love, pursuing their crushes and finally, popping the question to carve out a long-lasting marriage based on love, care and respect.

Even though it sounds a lot like a dramatically clichéd dream, die-hard fans do end up marrying the ultimate crush of their lives, and Hollywood has countless examples to prove that it is very much possible. Even though celebrities are always seen running away from hyper crowds of incessant fans screaming for autographs, the prospect of an actor popping the marriage question to a fan is not that unlikely or out of the world.

You see, not all fans are clingy and persistently creepy, unlike how we see in the movies, beautiful fans can also set hearts racing, despite how famous the celebrity in question might be. There are several celebrities who ended up marrying their fans and carving out beautiful lives of blissful happily ever after.

Here, take a look at the stories of 10 celebrities who ended up marrying their fans:

#10. Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer fell head over heels for a gorgeous flight attendant, Kayte Walsh, who happened to be a die-hard fan of the hunky actor. Even though Kelsey was married to Camille Donatacci back when he fell for Kayte, and even had two daughters, it didn’t stop him for pursuing the love of his life and starting a whirlwind romance with Kayte. Soon, he decided to divorce his wife, and two weeks later, the two wasted no time in taking their vows and tying the knot. They have been together even since that day.

#9. Patrick Dempsey

Did you know that the incredibly hunky and dreamy Patrick Dempsey met the love of his life and future wife, Jillian Fink, while getting his hair done? Talk about bookish romance! Jillian worked as a hairstylist at a popular hair salon, and she was a big fan of Dempsey. One day, she noticed Patrick’s name on her list of appointments, and realized that one of her co-workers is playing a prank on her. Hours later, Patrick walks into her salon and demands a haircut.

Clearly, the hair cut must have turned out to be fabulous for the two ended up starting a love affair that would last for decades. In 1999, the two decided to tie the knot and their marital bliss simply doesn’t seem to come to an end. His wife continues to play the role of his hair stylist, along with being a devoted mom to three beautiful children.


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