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How to Wear Foundation When You Have Oily Skin

It is definitely a challenging task to stay foundation when you have oily skin. Actually when your skin type is oily then your makeup works against you. Most probably foundation may be completely slid off or leave patches. In some cases, you may look like a glazed donut by midday even dull and blank. It is such a big disaster. To stay foundation on oily skin is difficult but not totally impossible. Here are some steps that should follow and it will stay your foundation.

Pick the Right product

If your skin is oily then always choose the foundation that is oil free. Because natural oil will come through and oil free foundation will compensate it. The foundation with matte finish is awesome for oily skin type. The matte finish with oil free foundation will control the excess oil. After oil free foundation, use powder foundations with medium coverage for staying the foundation.

How to Wear Foundation When You Have Oily Skin


Make time for preparation

Your skin needs moisturizer even it is oily. You can choose mild moisturizer for oily skin. Usually, we think that our skin is oily so we do not need moisturizer and it is our mistake. When we do not moisturize oily skin our skin gets dehydrated and produces more oil to compensate. Always use a moisturizer a night before applying the base and use a good makeup primer for attaining good results. Again mattifying primer is best for oily skin. Apply it properly on T-zone area.

Before going for makeup just take an ice cube and rub it on your face. It will tighten your pores and control oil. In this way, the makeup look lasts longer.

Press it and forget it

Once foundation is applied do not need to rub it. Just use loose powder because it will absorb excess oil and balance makeup.

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