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These Are the Most Popular Plastic Surgeries Right Now

According to a recent research conducted, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that in this era, when people go under the knife for surgeries, they are more eager to focus on fat, facelifts and fillers to get that flawless selfie.

In previous year, 2016, almost 1.8 million surgeries were performed and the top 5 will blow your mind about how complexed people are about how they look and how they should look.

  • Breast expansion, almost 290,467 total procedures that is 4% higher than 2015
  • Liposuction or Fat reduction surgeries, 235,237 total procedures that is 6% higher than 2015
  • Reshaping of Nose, 223,018 total procedures that is 2% higher than 2015
  • Eyelid surgeries, 209,020 total procedures that is 2% higher than 2015
  • Facelift surgeries 131,106 total procedures that is 4% higher than 2015

And then there were less invasive cosmetic surgeries that were as enormous as 15.5 million during the year 2016. The most common procedures were:

  • Botox procedures, 7 million total procedures that is 4% higher than 2015
  • Soft Tissue Fillers, 2.6 million total procedures that is 2% higher than 2015
  • Chemical Peel, 1.36 million total procedures that is 4% higher than 2015
  • Laser hair removal, 1.1 million total procedures that is 1% less than previous year
  • Microdermabrasion, 775,000 total procedures that too is 3% down than previous year

According to the study, there were many fascinating facts about plastic surgery trends. The facelift surgery had fallen from the top 5 list in previous years and tummy tuck took its position but in 2016, the trend of facelift surgery came back. As the doctors stated the reason behind its fall is, people are more captivated by the instant results that they get from different apps like Instagram, so they go for downloading apps in their phones instead of going for surgeries.

And the second reason in the decreased trend is, people are getting to know about more procedures that gather their body fat from one particular area and deposit to some other part of the body. These procedures consists of injections that specifically targets a particular area that too without surgical cuts, such injections freezes the fat and tightens the saggy areas in the body.

And the 3rd most striking reason is LABIA plasty. Labiaplasty is a newly discovered trend that performed 12000 times in 2016 and this is 39% higher than 2015. In this surgery, fats and fillers are injected or lifted into the labia.

According to the surgeons people are requesting different things like one of the surgeon said that his patients want smaller breast sizes and another doctor said that his patients want to remove extra skin with fewer procedures and they want fillers instead of surgical procedures. Fillers are getting more popular because of famous reality star Kylie Jenner and her cause called Kylie Jenner effect, as she admitted that she uses fillers for her popular lips.

The surgeons also stated that few years back, a plastic surgeon only gets a patient in 7 to 10 years that too for reasons like tummy tuck or facelift but now people are more comfortable with visiting surgeons every now and then and they comfortably discuss all the parts of their bodies.

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