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National Pet Day: Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift & More Celebs With The Cutest Furry Friends

Everyone has its own choice of having pets. Someone like to have dog, some have cats while some prefer parrots. Well celebrities are not apart from its charm. In the world of glamour where each and every celebrity is busy in daily routine; on the other hand they are celebrating national pet day with their favourite pets.

Happy National Pet Day! But it is not over if you are not celebrating it with your pets like your favourite celebrities. Taylor Swift is found of having cats. On National Pet Day Taylor has posted a lot of pictures with the little ones. Even Scottish fold Kitties have become famous on Instagram after making pose with Taylor. Bella throne also loves cats and she has adopted two cute little cats named Louis and Lola. Louis is a Siamese cat and Bella adopted it in 2013. Bella had also done a photo shoot with this cute Louis. After three years, Bella welcomed a Scottish fold Lola in 2016.

National Pet Day Celebrities With The Cutest Furry Friends

Courtesy of Instagram

Kylie Jenner is found of having puppies. Penny is her tiny little pup while Ernie is long haired dachshund. She has Italian greyhounds named Norman and Bambi. She continuously shares her pics with cute pups and has fun with them. Miley Cyrusb have cats, dogs even pig. John and Chrissy Teigen have three dogs. Two dogs are French bulldogs named Penny and Pippa and one bulldog named buddy. Her daughter Luna love to play and spent time with them. In fact, Hollywood industry is just pet lovers. Have a look on the pictures of celebrities with their pets.

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