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Fitness / Eating Secrets of Successful Olympic Athletes

Aliya Mustafina

Aliya Mustafina is a Russian gymnast who has represented Russia as individual all-around champion several times in Olympics and has won several medals including bronze and gold. In 2012, summer Olympics she was the most decorated artistic gymnast and has won 4 medals and now in 2016 summer Olympics she became the first female artist gymnast who has won back to back 2 medals in Olympics games. She was born in Russia in half ethnic Russian family, her father was also appeared in 1976 Olympics and has won medal in wrestling, her mother is a physics instructor and her little sister is also a gymnast.

When talk about the fitness level of the girl, she is just 21 years old and so fit to handle all these gymnastic stuff. All she eats is salads and chicken because that’s her favourite things plus these are important for her health and fitness. She avoids all kinds of fizzy drinks and almost everything that has onions in it.

Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza is an Indian tennis star, who is currently ranked number 1 in women double ranking in tennis. Throughout her career she managed to make herself India’s best tennis player in the history and most high profile athlete in the country and she is also named in the list of ’50 heroes of Asia’.

She says that when it comes to her fitness she never compromise on that because she is a sportswoman and the game she play is a difficult game so she has to watch her diet and workout routines. She explained that it is difficult at times to workout but she manages to do that and her all fitness secret is the food she eats, which is all natural food, fruits and vegetables with no sugar.

Laura Trott

Laura Trott is an English road cyclist who specializes in the omnium, team pursuit and scratch race disciplines. She is also an Olympic champion is two of the disciplines. In 2016 summer Olympics she has won 3 gold medals and became the first female cyclist from Great Britain.

Laura is a cyclist, which definitely requires her to fit and active for that all she do is to watch her diet carefully and in this regard her breakfast is usually bagels or something packed with proteins with no snack and followed by the lunch of salad or omelette or toast. And her dinner is comprised of baked chicken or fish.

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