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Amber Rose Reveals Nipple Piercings & More Stars Who Love To Flaunt Them Too

To make a pose with sexy butt and make the back arch is common but a new trend is being noticed in famous celebrities. Yes, it is nipple piercings. In fact nipple piercings are the newest accessory trend which is followed by most of the celebrities.

Many famous celebrities have shared their sexy photos of nipple piercings and sometimes cameras catch their hot look. Hotties like Amber Rose, Kendall Jenner, Bella Thorne, Bella Hadid etc are stealing the spotlight this summer with their bold personalities and physique.

Although the trend of nipple piercings is becoming common but it is also painful especially in this sensitive area. Instead of all these pains and trouble celebrities go through this process just because of beauty. In fact no pain no gain.

Bella Thorne Nipple Piercings

Courtesy of Instagram

Amber Rose was in white top with clearly nipple rings. Bella Thorne shared braless picture in white top and again skin top clearly visible nipple rings. Kendall Jenner is seen often with nipple rings. Apart from nipple piercing some guys are really jumping on board too like Neil Patrick Harris, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Navarro, Dennis Rodman and many more are doing experimental with nipple Jewellary.

Scroll down to see the hot celebrity with nipple rings.

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