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16 Features That Attract Men The Most

When we talk about romance then the world of science has figured out the features that attract people the most. In the previous era, science was all about the walk of Neil Armstrong to the moon. But now in this century science tell us how to land your fantasy date. Actually, a branch of science which is known as psychology works behind the scene and discuss the human nature and attitude.

1. Your lips

A study conducted by Manchester University found that lips are a women’s most attractive physical attribute. For enhancing more attraction lip colors are used. Pink and red lipsticks are desirous. Especially red lipsticks are found to hold a man’s attention ever longer. Actually, it is classic and it works wonder.

2. Strong eye contact

When we talk to anybody, eye contact matters a lot. The next person understands many signals just because of your eye contact. So never miss fixating your eyes at your intended bae. Actually, eyes are the window to your soul. Sometimes you can express many romantic intuitions to your loved one not with lips but simply your strong eye contact.

3. Pearly whites

Straight pearly white teeth are the result of an evolution of new era. It adds sparkle and attraction in your face. Now people are more aware of about brushing, maintain and regular visit to the dentist. Even mouthwash and florescent chewings are available for refreshing your breath. If your teeth are yellow and rotten then it has bad impact on anybody. So keep your breath fresh and make your teeth pearly white for adding attraction in your features.

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